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First Modo Render

by on Jul.04, 2011, under Modeling / Rendering

Out of frustration with the slow progress in Lightwave’s Modeler, I got a copy of Modo. While Layout has received a large number of new features in the last few versions, Modeler hasn’t really been touched in several years. Old time users said to quit whining and go buy a standalone UV editor, but I decided to hedge my bets for the future and pick up Modo. It loads lightwave objects directly and has a nice UV editor, in addition to a top notch modeler and rapidly evolving animation / rendering modules. So here it is, the first tutorial image.

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Welcome to Earth

by on Mar.07, 2011, under Modeling / Rendering

I picked up ZBrush a couple years ago and found it to be a huge let down. I’m one of those people that tried using it and decided that it was made for and by Martians. Every version would bring a fresh commitment to try again and result in much mouse banging and creative new uses of old curses. No more.

More Information Here

There is a new book just out, Introducing ZBrush 4. It’s actually an update to Introducing ZBrush by Eric Keller. He’s very sympathetic to those of us that use Lightwave or other normal modeling programs and explains with great patience why ZBrush is different and walks through some Zbrush for dummies type exercises to get you past the throw the mouse at the screen stage. After going through the introductory section a couple of times I’m now starting to work through the books projects with some confidence that there is hope for me.

I have nothing to show yet, but I thought I’d bring the book to others attention. It’s definitely worth picking up and well worth the money if you have a copy of Zbrush around that freaks you out every time you start it up.

The other thing I would suggest is breaking out the wacom tablet. Unlike other modelers that have tablet support as an after thought, Zbrush only works well with one. Until now, my tablet made a fine paperweight unless I was detailing a texture, now it’s a useful tool.

Give this book a try. While Zbrush is still for and by an alien life form, this book will help you start to become one.

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Enterprise Update

by on Dec.29, 2010, under Modeling / Rendering

Trying to get motivated on this one again. LW10 getting released seemed like a good reason, so some progress. Started the nacelles, haven’t decided if I want the sphere on the back or the grille, so that will wait.

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Finally, Enterprise progress!

by on Sep.17, 2010, under Modeling / Rendering

I called the Primary Hull done for now and started on the secondary. The rear end was a bit of a pain but seems to have come out with minimal smoothing errors. Lot’s more to do back there, but it’s started!

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My first Enterprise

by on Jul.19, 2010, under General, Modeling / Rendering

After modeling the Romulan Warbird from TOS I want an Enterprise to go with it. Made some headway on the deck so construction is underway….

Link to the Warbird pic here…
Warbrid Picture

There is an icon in the center, above and below the picture, click that for the full size picture.

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RAID’s work!

by on Nov.12, 2009, under General, Modeling / Rendering

A few days ago my mouth went dry, panic began to well up inside of me. I store all my graphic assets on a network drive so I can access them from multiple computers. It’s been great for the last couple of years. I got the 1 TB unit on sale at Best Buy for $230 and set it up as a RAID 1, which mirrors your data on two internal drives.

Sunday it took FOREVER to access a file. I ran the disk manager and the DRIVE A FAILED message chilled my soul. Every model I’ve ever made was on that drive. Every render I’ve done. Assets and tutorials I paid more money than my wife knows about, all on that drive.  With not much confidence I told the unit to copy everything to my system hard drive. In theory, everything was on drive b, just not efficiently, the auto backup is the whole point of a RAID 1 setup.

IT WORKED!!!!! It took 24 hours, but it’s all safely on another drive, two other drives actually, and a replacement raid drive is on it’s way. Ahhhhhhh……

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New model

by on Nov.10, 2009, under Modeling / Rendering

TabletRenderA new model I’ll be adding to the free stuff link on the right. It’s a lightwave model, needed a tablet for a render and didn’t have one. Let me know if you use it, or any other feed back.

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BOP Image ready

by on Oct.15, 2009, under Modeling / Rendering

romulan-bird-of-prey200Spent a few hours with Paint Shop Pro. Grabbed the image from the schematics of the ship. cleaned it up and gave it the right orange color. Looks pretty good, hopes are high. 🙂

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UV or not to UV?

by on Oct.13, 2009, under Modeling / Rendering

romulan-bird-of-prey200Well, I’m making a real effort to understand UV mapping, instead of just using them and being amazed it worked. I’m watching the basic uv mapping videos from kurv studios. A lot of great info, but some really weird stuff as well. Weight maps, layers and additional geometry to make a uv you can’t see unless you render instead of just making new surface? Really? But I am picking up quite a bit. Then I figured out how to use the PLG uv plugin. Why newtek doesn’t buy this one and throw it in the box I’ll never know. (maybe not even buy, just ask?) Really makes atlas mapping easy compared to the standard tools! Now, back to the warbird model….

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Updated Bird of Prey

by on May.17, 2009, under Modeling / Rendering



The modeling is about done, on to texturing. The more I add to my meager knowledge on texturing, the more I’m learning to like it. I’m going to go through Larry Shultz’s UV tutorial video before starting, maybe it’ll come out better than the Viper I did. This is a bit trickier since the bird has to go across several pieces of geometry.

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